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"Making money is an art, working is an art, but doing good business is the greatest art."



Andy Warhol

,,They will never understand what painting is, in their view the figure of a peasant who tills the land, a few plowed furrows, some sand, some sea or a piece of sky will never be a topic for the painter. And these motives are difficult, but at the same time so beautiful that it is worth devoting your whole life to expressing the poetry contained in them ''


Vincent Van Gogh


,, Inspiration exists but must be found You at work".



                                                                 Pablo Picasso

,,The greatest DANGER for most of us is not that we aim too high and we do not achieve the goal, but that we measure too low and we achieve the goal ".


 Michał Anioł Buonarotti

"Wisdom is the daughter of experience"




                                                                                                  Leonardo Da Vinci

To be continued ...